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The surname Hempenstall is a toponym, originating from the village of Heptonstall in Yorkshire, England.[1] The first recorded instance of the name is in the Court Rolls of the Manor of Wakefield, Yorkshire, which lists a John de Heptonstall as a minor knight in 1297.[citation needed]

Origins and Alternative Spellings[edit]

The name has evolved considerably over the centuries from the original Anglo-Saxon, derived from heope, denu, and stall - meaning "Rose-hip", "valley" and "cattle-station", respectively.[citation needed]

Alternative spellings of the modern surname include:

  • Heptonstall
  • Heptinstall
  • Heppenstall
  • Hepplestall
  • Heppenspall
  • Hempenstall

Irish Hempenstalls[edit]

As a surname in Ireland, it is mostly encountered in the province of Leinster, though, in recent years, at least one branch of the family has been established in the Limerick area of Munster.[citation needed]


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