Hemrin Dam

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Hemrin Dam Upstream USACE NWD.jpg
Upstream side of the dam
Hemrin Dam is located in Iraq
Hemrin Dam
Location of in Iraq
Official name Hemrin Dam
Country Iraq
Location 100 km northeast of Baghdad, Iraq, Diyala Governorate, Iraq
Coordinates 34°06′52″N 44°58′04″E / 34.11444°N 44.96778°E / 34.11444; 44.96778Coordinates: 34°06′52″N 44°58′04″E / 34.11444°N 44.96778°E / 34.11444; 44.96778
Status Operational
Construction began 1976
Opening date 1981
Owner(s) Ministry of Water Resources
Dam and spillways
Impounds Diyala River
Height 53 m (174 ft)
Length 3,360 m (11,020 ft)
Creates Hemrin Reservoir
Total capacity 2,040,000,000 m3 (1,650,000 acre·ft)
Power station
Commission date 1981
Installed capacity 50 MW

The Hemrin Dam is a dam on the Diyala River 100 km northeast of Baghdad, Iraq. The main purpose of the dam is flood control, irrigation and hydroelectric generation. Its power station has a 50 MW capacity. The dam and the attached power house were built in years 1976-1981 by the then Yugoslav company GIK Hidrogradnja (of Sarajevo, now Bosnia-Herzegovina). All the equipment (gates, turbines, generators) were also supplied by the then-Yugoslav companies.[1]

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