Hemsworth by-election, 1991

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The Hemsworth by-election, 1991 was a parliamentary by-election held in England on 7 November 1991 for the House of Commons constituency of Hemsworth in West Yorkshire. The seat had become vacant on the death of the Labour Member of Parliament George Buckley (British politician), who had held the seat since the 1987 general election.

The Labour candidate, Derek Enright, held the seat for his party.

Hemsworth by-election, 1991[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour Derek Enright 15,895 66.3 -0.7
Liberal Democrat Valerie Megson 4,808 20.1 +4.3
Conservative Garnett Harrison 2,512 10.5 -6.7
Independent Labour Paul Ablett 648 2.7
Corrective Party Timothy John Smith 108 0.5
Majority 11,097 46.3 -3.5
Turnout 23,971
Labour hold Swing


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