Hen Island (Ontario)

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This article is about Hen Island in Lake Erie. For the island in Connecticut, see Hen Island (Connecticut).
Hen Island
Location Lake Erie
Coordinates 41°47′18″N 82°47′51″W / 41.78833°N 82.79750°W / 41.78833; -82.79750Coordinates: 41°47′18″N 82°47′51″W / 41.78833°N 82.79750°W / 41.78833; -82.79750
Archipelago Pelee Island Archipelago
Major islands Pelee Island, East Sister Island and West Sister Island
Highest elevation 571 ft (174 m)
Province Ontario
County Essex
Township Pelee
Hen Island and her "chickens" are located north of the Bass Islands.

Hen Island is an island on Lake Erie in Ontario. There are three smaller islands, called "chickens," surrounding the island; their names are Big Chicken Island, Chick Island, and Little Chicken Island.[1]

Quinnebog Fishing Club[edit]

This small wooded Island is home to the Quinnebog Club, which owns the island. The Club was built in 1898, still exists and is active. The main clubhouse holds the dining hall and kitchen facilities as well as staff bedrooms on the second floor.

"The Pete Nowak lodge is where club members relax after a hard day of fishing. The lodge features a antique wooden bar, at the west end of the building as well as an antique pool table and personal members' member lockers that line the inside walls of the lodge. If you were to look in the guest registry you would find the names of U.S. Presidents Grover Cleveland and William McKinely who visited Hen Island during the history of the island."[citation needed]

The Club may have bought the island from either a certain "Colonel Blanchard", the first resident of the island,[2] or Rudolph Siefield, an Ohio businessman.[3]

Club Website - www.quinnebogfishingclub.com.


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