Henderson Lake (British Columbia)

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Henderson Lake
Henderson Lake is located in Vancouver Island
Henderson Lake
Henderson Lake
Location Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Coordinates 49°05′37″N 125°02′18″W / 49.09361°N 125.03833°W / 49.09361; -125.03833Coordinates: 49°05′37″N 125°02′18″W / 49.09361°N 125.03833°W / 49.09361; -125.03833
Lake type Natural lake
Basin countries Canada

Henderson Lake is a lake on Vancouver Island that drains south into head of Uchucklesit Inlet on the north side of lower Alberni Inlet.[1]

Weather data from the Henderson Lake fish hatchery shows that the lake is situated in the wettest place in North America. Henderson Lake averages 6,903 mm (271.8 in) of precipitation, and in 1997 9,307 mm (366.4 in) fell, setting the all-time Canadian record.

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