Hendrick van Streeck

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Coordinates: 52°22′25.9″N 4°53′30.6″E / 52.373861°N 4.891833°E / 52.373861; 4.891833

Hendrick van Streeck
Hendrick van Streeck.jpg
The Old Church in Amsterdam..
Born Hendrick van Streeck
11 April 1659
Died 19 November 1720
Nationality Netherlands
Known for Painting
Movement Baroque

Hendrick van Streeck (baptized 11 April 1659 - buried 19 November 1720), was a Dutch Golden Age painter of church interiors.


View of the Old church in Amsterdam, Walters Art Museum

Hendrik was born in the Jordaan, a working-class neighborhood in Amsterdam as the son of the painter Juriaen van Streeck.[1] After learning to draw from him took to sculpting with Willem van der Hoeven between 1672 and 1677. In 1683 he married Maria van Hockom; the couple had three children, four may have been buried young. His father, in his later years an innkeeper in Kerkstraat, died in 1687. Hendrik was advised by Melchior de Hondekoeter to stick to painting, and he became a student of Emmanuel de Witte. According to Bob Haak De Witte moved in with Van Streeck,[2] who lived most of his life in Kerkstraat. Houbraken wrote he learned to paint church interiors so well that his art was hard to tell apart from De Witte's.[3] Hendrick was buried in the Nieuwe Kerk, his widow died in 1753.

In 1696 he was involved in the decoration of the townhall in Alkmaar. Van Streeck also painted landscapes[4] and still lifes.


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