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Hendrik Brugmans (13 December 1906 in Amsterdam – 12 March 1997 in Bruges) also known as Hendrik Bupatis was the son of historian Hajo Brugmans and Maria Keizer. He studied history of French literature at the Universiteit van Amsterdam and the Sorbonne University in Paris.[1]

Brugmans, who was one of the intellectual leaders of the European Movement and co-founder and first president of the Union of European Federalists, was rector of the College of Europe in Bruges between 1950 and 1972.[1]

Brugmans was awarded the Karlspreis in 1951. In 1972 he retired from work, but he remained living in Bruges. Brugmans died at the age of 90 years in 1997. The year after his death the College of Europe honoured Brugmans by naming that academic year the Brugmans promotion and by creating an annual lecture named after him.[1] One of the buildings of the new Verversdijk site of the College in Bruges is also named after him.

Since 2010, the students of the College of Europe have honoured him further by holding an annual football tournament named the Hendrik Brugmans Memorial Cup. The tournament includes both current and former students of the College of Europe. The Copernicus promotion won the first edition in 2010. The 2012[2] and 2016[3] editions have been won by EFC Natolinsky (Einstein promotion). The winner of the 2013 edition was the Václav Havel City team.[4] The 2017 edition was won by both the male and female teams of the John Maynard Keynes Promotion, also known as 'Invictus' due to their 100% rate of wins in the Cup.[5] The Copernicus promotion won the 2018 edition of the Brugmans cup. The 2019 edition was a memorable one, with the highest ever attendance (170 athletes). The tournament was won by the incumbent Manuel Marín promotion, the first time the Brugmans cup was claimed by the current promotion's team. The impressive nature of the Marineros' victory (they conceded but one goal over the course of the tournament) suggests that the tournament could see an unprecented period of domination by the Marineros' team in years to come. [6]

Year Winner Runner-up
2010 Copernicus (2006/2007) Bertha von Suttner (2002/2003)
2012 Einstein (2010/2011)
2013 Havel (2012/2013)
2014 Bertha von Suttner (2002/2003)
2015 Einstein (2010/2011) Copernicus (2006/2007)
2016 Einstein (2010/2011) Falcone and Borsellino (2014/2015)
2017 Keynes (2016/2017) Falcone and Borsellino (2014/2015)
2018 Copernicus (2006/2007) Falcone and Borsellino (2014/2015)
2019 Manuel Marín (2018/2019)


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