Hendrik Martenszoon Sorgh

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Hendrik Martensz Sorgh
Portrait of Hendrick Martensz. Sorgh 001.jpg
Hendrik Martensz Sorgh
Born Hendrik Martensz
Died June 28, 1670(1670-06-28) (aged 60)
Nationality Netherlands
Known for Painting
Movement Baroque seascapes

Hendrik Martenszoon Sorgh (c. 1610 – buried June 28, 1670) was a Dutch Golden Age painter of genre works.


Born in Rotterdam, Sorgh became a pupil of David Teniers the Younger and Willem Pieterszoon Buytewech.[1] Sorgh painted mostly interiors with peasants. His kitchen interiors feature elaborate still lifes. He also painted market scenes, portraits, and marine and historical scenes. Sorgh's works include, for example, A Man Writing, Interior with Jacob and Esau, and A Kitchen.

He married Adriaantje Hollaer on 20 February 1633. She became famous in 1947 because of her marriage portrait which had been painted by Rembrandt and was pictured on the Dutch 100-guilder banknote, printed from 1947 - 1950. Through her sister, he was brother-in-law to his friend the painter Crijn Hendricksz Volmarijn.[2] Her portrait by Rembrandt was long considered a pendant companion to a portrait of him, but it is no longer certain since an 18th-century engraving of that portrait held the caption Nicholas Berchem.[3] The engraved portrait of him in Arnold Houbraken's The Great Theatre of Dutch Painters was based on his self-portrait, currently in a private collection.[4]

In 1659 he became headman of the Rotterdam Guild of St. Luke.[2] His pupils were Jacobus Blauvoet, Abraham Diepraam, Cornelis Dorsman, Pieter Nijs, and Pieter Crijnse Volmarijn.[2]


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