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Hendrik van Steenwijck I (also Steenwyck, Steenwijk) (c. 1550 – buried 1 September 1603[1]) was a Dutch painter.

Van Steenwijck was born in Kampen, and was a student of the architectural painter Hans Vredeman de Vries, and the father of Hendrik van Steenwijk II[2] He is known to have worked in Aachen (1573-6), Antwerp (1577–85) and Frankfurt (from 1586 on), where he died.[1]

Van Steenwijck is the earliest-known painter of architectural interiors, a genre that was popular in Dutch Golden Age and Flemish Baroque painting.[3] In addition to introducing the new genre, he also worked with more natural lighting and perspectival space than found in the works of his teacher Vredeman de Vries.[2]


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