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Hendrina Martha Afrikaner (1952–2011) was Chief of the Orlam Afrikaners in Namibia, the first woman to occupy that position. She was the great-granddaughter of Jan Jonker Afrikaner.[1]

Hendrina Afrikaner grew up in Hoachanas and Okahandja where she attended the Augustineum. She worked as a nurse when she was in her twenties. After Namibian independence she joined the Ministries of Education, and of Gender Equality and Child Welfare.[1]

She became chief of the Afrikaner clan in 2004 and occupied that position until her death. Hendrina Afrikaner died on 19 August 2011 in a car accident between Keetmanshoop and Tses, and was buried next to Jan Jonker Afrikaner in Okahandja.[1]

In 2016, Eduard Afrikaner (b.1948) was elected as the chief.[2]


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