Hengshui University

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Hengshui University
Established 2004
Type Public
Location Hengshui, Hebei,  People's Republic of China
Website Hengshui University

Hengshui University (衡水学院 Héngshuǐ xuéyuàn) is a university in Hengshui, Hebei province, People's Republic of China, established by the provincial government.


It used to be a two-year normal college, but it was elevated to a four-year comprehensive college or university in 2004 with the permission of the Ministry of Education.

Hengshui University' sporting facilities include a running track, a tennis court, ping-pong tables, basketball courts and badminton.

Hengshui Normal College was known as an example of mid-1980s medium density architecture. However, developments have occurred since mid-2003, including the construction of modern library facilities.

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