Hengyang Normal University

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Hengyang Normal University
TypePublic university
Established1904 (1904)
PresidentPi Xiuping (皮修平)
Academic staff
1,283 (October 2019)[1]
Students22,000 (October 2019)[1]
Location, ,
26°52′50″N 112°40′42″E / 26.880431°N 112.678328°E / 26.880431; 112.678328Coordinates: 26°52′50″N 112°40′42″E / 26.880431°N 112.678328°E / 26.880431; 112.678328
Campus1.444 square kilometres (357 acres)

Hengyang Normal University (simplified Chinese: 衡阳师范学院; traditional Chinese: 衡陽師範學院; pinyin: Héngyáng Shīfàn Xuéyuàn) is a university located in Hengyang, Hunan, China.[2][3][4]

As of fall 2013, the university has two campuses, a combined student body of 16,000 students, 800 faculty members.

The university consists of 2 colleges and 17 departments, with 39 specialties for undergraduates.


Hengyang Normal University was formed in 1904, it was initially called "Hunan Provincial Normal School".


  • School of Nanyue[5]
  • School of Continuing Education
  • Department of Humanities and social sciences
  • Department of Political science
  • Department of Economic Management
  • Department of Law
  • Department of Chinese language and Literature
  • Department of Journalism and Communication
  • Department of Chemistry and Materials science
  • Department of Tourism management
  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Music
  • Department of Art
  • Department of Physical Education
  • Department of Foreign languages
  • Department of Mathematics and Computing sciences
  • Department of Physical and Electronic information sciences
  • Department of Life Science
  • Department of Education Science


  • Motto: 厚德、博学、砺志、笃行


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