Henley Residents Group

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Henley Residents Group
Henley Town Council
8 / 16
South Oxfordshire District Council
1 / 48
Oxfordshire County Council
1 / 63

Henley Residents Group (HRG) was formed in 1989 in response to an unpopular town centre development in which Waitrose planned to increase the size of its store, demolishing the town's Regal Cinema.[1] Local residents campaigned against this and, unhappy at the Conservative Party's support for the scheme, stood for election in Henley in May 1991, winning 8 seats at civic parish level, and three district council seats. The plan was subsequently modified to include a replacement cinema, with a three screen cinema.

After two by-election successes in 2017[2] HRG has 8 out of 16 town council seats, with the rest being Conservative,.[3] It has one seat on South Oxfordshire District Council and, following Stefan Gawrysiak's election for the Henley-on-Thames Division on 4 May 2017, one on Oxfordshire County Council.[4]

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