Hennepin Avenue Bridge

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Hennepin Avenue Bridge
Hennepin Avenue Bridge as it appears today.
Coordinates44°59′07″N 93°15′50″W / 44.98528°N 93.26389°W / 44.98528; -93.26389Coordinates: 44°59′07″N 93°15′50″W / 44.98528°N 93.26389°W / 44.98528; -93.26389
Carries6 lanes of Hennepin Avenue (CSAH 52)
CrossesMississippi River
LocaleMinneapolis, Minnesota
Maintained byHennepin County
ID number27636
DesignSuspension bridge
Total length316 metres (1,037 ft)
Width41 metres (135 ft)
Longest span190 metres (620 ft)
Clearance below11 metres (36 ft)
DesignerHNTB Corporation
Minneapolis Mississippi.svg
Bridges over the Mississippi in Minneapolis–St. Paul. Hennepin Ave. Bridge is in the top half of the image between Minneapolis BNSF and 3rd Ave. Bridge.

The Hennepin Avenue Bridge is the structure that carries Hennepin County State Aid Highway 52, Hennepin Avenue, across the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at Nicollet Island. Officially, it is the Father Louis Hennepin Bridge, in honor of the 17th-century explorer Louis Hennepin, who was the first European to see the Saint Anthony Falls, a short distance downriver. Two of the three previous structures have been suspension bridges, while a third—which existed nearly a century—was composed of steel arch spans. The original crossing, which opened as a toll bridge on January 23, 1855, is believed to have been the first permanent span across the Mississippi at any point. Other bridges were completed in 1876, 1891, and most recently 1990. Today, the bridge's main span is 190 metres (620 ft) in length.

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