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Hennigsdorf is a railway station in the Oberhavel district of Brandenburg. It is the northern terminus of the S-Bahn line S 25 and is located in the town of Hennigsdorf.


After the end of the Second World War and the German division, the station was not far from the border with West Berlin. The S-Bahn traffic over the border was initially unhindered. For the rapid-transit railway there was since 1954 a Hennigsdorf south, later called Stolpe south control station between the station Hennigsdorf and the border, which served from 1958 also the public traffic. To circumvent West Berlin, the Berlin outer ring was created, which crossed the Kremmener Bahn in the north of Hennigsdorf since 1953. At the intersection of the two routes was formed to change the station Hennigsdorf Nord, on which due to the conception as Turmbahnhof quickly and easily could be changed. In addition, two connecting curves were built between Hennigsdorf and the outer ring. As early as 1951, the station had received along with the stations in Wildau and King Wusterhausen one of the first three garages the German Reichsbahn.

With the building of the Wall on August 13, 1961, the traffic leading to Berlin was interrupted and Hennigsdorf to the terminus on the territory of the GDR. Until 1983 commuted with direct current operated S-Bahn trains between Hennigsdorf and Velten, then they were replaced by diesel trains. In 1984, the station and the line to Velten and the curves to the outer ring with AC (overhead line) electrified.

The S-Bahn station was reopened on December 15, 1998 with the section between Tegel and Hennigsdorf reopened for the time being.

Train services[edit]

In 1961, it was interrupted by the construction of the Berlin Wall, the S-Bahn traffic to Berlin. Until 1983, S-Bahn trains still commuted between Hennigsdorf and Velten. They drove about twice an hour, albeit without a fixed clock. In addition, there were some trains in the direction of the places on the western outer ring and to Oranienburg, especially in rush hour traffic. After 1983, the traffic to Velten was switched to locomotive-hauled trains. The section of the Kremmener railway between Hennigsdorf and Velten was electrified in 1984 with alternating current. Most of the trains on the outer ring of Berlin did not use Hennigsdorf station, but Hennigsdorf Nord station, which was located outside the city, and trains to Velten served as a feeder from Hennigsdorf station. Since 1995, Hennigsdorf Nord is no longer served, since most commuter trains leave from the outer ring directly to Hennigsdorf station.

For some time in the years 1994/95 reversed the so-called Duo S-Bahn (line S 19) on the 17-kilometer connection between Hennigsdorf and Oranienburg. Between Oranienburg and Birkenwerder she drove with DC drive on the rapid-transit railway tracks, between Birkenwerder and Hennigsdorf with Diesel drive on the citizen of Berlin outer ring over high Neuendorf west.

Since 1998, the station is again connected to the Berlin S-Bahn in a 20-minute intervals with Berlin, the journey takes up to Gesundbrunnen 26 and to Friedrichstrasse 34 minutes.

The station is serves by the following service(s):[1]

  • Regional services RE 6 Wittenberge – Pritzwalk – Wittstock – Neuruppin – Hennigsdorf – Berlin
  • Local services RB 20 Potsdam – Golm – Hennigsdorf – Oranienburg
  • Local services RB 55 Kremmen – Hennigsdorf
  • Berlin S-Bahn services S 25 Hennigsdorf – Tegel – Gesundbrunnen – Friedrichstraße – Potsdamer Platz – Sudkreuz – Lichterfelde – Teltow
Preceding station   Deutsche Bahn   Following station
RE 6
toward Wittenberge
toward Oranienburg
RB 20
toward Potsdam Hbf
toward Kremmen
RB 55 Terminus
Preceding station   Berlin S-Bahn   Following station
Terminus S 25
toward Teltow Stadt

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Coordinates: 52°38′17″N 13°12′21″E / 52.6380°N 13.2057°E / 52.6380; 13.2057