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Henning Larsen Architects
Practice information
Partners Henning Larsen (Founder)
Mette Kynne Frandsen (CEO)
Louis Becker (International Design Director)
Peer Teglgaard Jeppesen (Scandinavian Design Director)
Jacob Kurek
Lars Steffensen
Founded 1959
Location Copenhagen
Significant works and honors
Buildings Minestry of Foreign Affairs, Riyadh
Copenhagen Opera House
The Roland Levinsky Building
Spiegel Headquarters
Awards 2013 European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture

Henning Larsen Architects is an international architecture firm based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 1959 by noted Danish architect and namesake Henning Larsen, it has around 300 employees. In 2011 the company worked on projects in more than 20 countries.

In 2008 Henning Larsen Architects opened an office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia named Henning Larsen Middle East and in 2011 an office in Munich, Germany were inaugurated. Most recently Henning Larsen Architects opened three offices. One in Oslo, Norway, one in the Faroe Islands, and one in Hong Kong, China.[1]

Henning Larsen Architects is known for their cultural and educational projects. Last year Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre in Reykjavík was selected as one of the ten best concert halls in the world by the British magazine Gramophone.[2][3] Henning Larsen Architects also designed the Copenhagen Opera.

Current projects include a new Headquarters for Siemens in Munich, Germany and a 1.6 mill m² masterplan for the King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,.[4]


After having worked both for Arne Jacobsen (1952–53) and Jørn Utzon (1958), Henning Larsen founded Henning Larsens Tegnestue in 1959. With firm roots in Scandinavian design tradition, the office grew to one of the largest in Denmark. The first major project outside Scandinavia was the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Riyadh, establishing the firm's international reputation. In the 1980s Henning Larsen initiated the architectural journal SKALA and an architectural gallery of the same name. As a professor in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Henning Larsen had the opportunity to invite great, international architects, who were interviewed in SKALA, to give lectures in the academy. This came to have a great influence on the new generation of Danish architects who acquired a much greater international vision than previously. The journal existed for 10 years.[5]

Ownership and management[edit]

Today Henning Larsen Architects is owned by a group of partners. The partner group consists of Henning Larsen, Mette Kynne Frandsen, Louis Becker, Peer Teglgaard Jeppesen, Jacob Kurek and Lars Steffensen. There is also a group of associate partners. They hold shares of a minor part of the company. The associates are Anne Marie Galmstrup, Ósbjørn Jacobsen, Signe Kongebro, Ingela Larsson, Anders Sælan and Søren Øllgaard.[1]

The management of Henning Larsen Architects consists of Mette Kynne Frandsen (CEO), Louis Becker (International Design Director) and Peer Teglgaard Jeppesen (Scandinavian Design Director).[6]

Research and sustainability[edit]

Henning Larsen Architects has its own Department of Research and Sustainability run by associate partner Signe Kongebro. The department takes actively part in climate and sustainability discussions and develops different design tools based on the newest knowledge in the field.[7]

The past four years three PhD-students from the Technical University of Denmark, Department of Civil Engineering, have been working on different projects related to sustainable design at Henning Larsen Architects. The aim of the collaboration was to develop a future design method implementing sustainability in buildings and building components at the very beginning of each project.[8]

Selected projects[edit]


Spiegel House, Hamburg, Germany
The Wave in Vejle, Vejle, Denmark
Roland Levinsky Building, Plymouth, United Kingdom
Copenhagen Opera House, Copenhagen, Denmark
IT University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Denmark
Uppsala Concert Hall, Uppsala, Sweden

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