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Henning Wallgren (born August 15, 1968) is a competitive pistol shooter from Norway sponsored by Tanfoglio and after market designer and manufacturer of Tanfoglio Italy pistol parts (distributed in the US by EAA), 1911 - STI and the AR-15 in Longmont Colorado, USA and co-founder of American Zoot Shooters Association [1]


  • 4 time Nordic International Practical Shooting Confederation Champion [2]
  • 2 time USPSA Golden Gate Champion
  • 2 time Canadian IPSC National Championship
  • 2 time Norwegian IPSC Champion (Open & Standard)
  • 3 time Rocky Mountain 300 Champion
  • Czech Euro Open IPSC Standard Champion
  • USPSA Area 2 2007,[3] 4 Champion
  • Winner of Canadian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Swedish, Finish, Danish, Czech and Swiss National IPSC Championships
  • USPSA State Champion in Arizona, California, Ohio, New Mexico, Colorado, Florida, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas
  • Awarded Norway's King's Trophy in 2004 for Norwegian IPSC Standard Champion
  • Placed 2nd as the IPSC Europeans
  • Placed 2nd at the USPSA Open Nationals
  • Placed 5th at the USPSA 3-gun Nationals
  • Placed 6th at the USPSA Limited Nationals


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