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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit series
Henpecked Oswald.jpg
The bear tells Oswald to not make any noise.
Directed by Walter Lantz
Bill Nolan
Produced by Walter Lantz
Story by Walter Lantz
Bill Nolan
Voices by Pinto Colvig
Walter Lantz
Music by James Dietrich
Animation by Bill Nolan
Ray Abrams
Manuel Moreno
Clyde Geronimi
Pinto Colvig
Studio Walter Lantz Productions
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s)
  • August 20, 1930 (1930-08-20)
Color process Black and white
Running time 6:34
Language English
Preceded by Snappy Salesman
Followed by The Singing Sap

Henpecked is a 1930 animated short produced by Walter Lantz that features Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.


Oswald is playing piano in his apartment room, singing a swing song. Just then, a disturbed bear from another room comes in and confronts him. The bear sternly tells Oswald to quit playing and ensure silence. Oswald hesitantly agrees to the demands. A moment later, a frog from a glass bowl jumps out and lands on some piano keys before leaping out of the scene. In this, the bear picks up the piano and tosses it out the window. Before the bruin leaves, Oswald is given a reminder.

Hours later, Oswald receives a phone call. Speaking to him is a stray kitten who is a friend of his. The kitten is looking to come visit Oswald as well as bring in a pack of other stray kittens. Oswald rejects the offer because of the deal he made with his grumpy neighbor. Nevertheless, the stray kittens march towards the apartment.

To Oswald's dismay, the stray kittens come inside and begin rough-housing. They jump on beds, perform acrobatics on chandeliers, and even catapult Oswald around with a blanket. As they are having their wild fun, one of them decides to play a prank on the bear by putting a clothes iron in the latter's trousers. Oswald tries to intervene but to no avail. The bear twitches in pain and frantically runs around before sitting in a bucket filled with water.

Minutes afterward, one of the stray kittens plays a trombone. As the tiny cat performs, the slide of his instrument starts striking the ceiling, and its impact is felt by the bear who is bathing straight upstairs. Eventually, the floor of the bathroom crumbles and collapses. The bruin plummets to the floor below and figures this is the last straw.

Learning that they are in hot water, Oswald and the stray kittens lock themselves in an apartment room. Immediately, the bear comes up with a successful method of sucking them under the door using a vacuum cleaner. The bear removes the vacuum bag and dumps it outside where it opens automatically somehow. Although they are excluded, the stray kittens have had a good time and Oswald cannot believe it.


Publicity flaws[edit]

The second edition of Jeff Lenburg's Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons mistakenly mentions Hen Fruit as the working title for this short. Hen Fruit is in fact, a 1929 Oswald cartoon. As a result, references to Henpecked were removed in the third edition.[1]

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