Terminus Henri-Bourassa

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Terminus Henri-Bourassa
Terminus Laval.jpg
Henri-Bourassa Terminus Nord
Location North: 10765, rue Lajeunesse[1]
South: 590 bd Henri-Boueassa est[1]
Coordinates North: 45°33′21″N 73°40′11″W / 45.55583°N 73.66972°W / 45.55583; -73.66972
South: 45°33′21″N 73°40′02″W / 45.55583°N 73.66722°W / 45.55583; -73.66722
Owned by AMT
Parking None[1][2]
Bicycle facilities South: 67 places in racks[1][2]
Other information
Website Terminus Henri-Bourassa[dead link]
Passengers (2015[3]) 235,100 (North)
5,918,700 (South)

Terminus Henri-Bourassa Nord, also known as Terminus Laval and Terminus Henri-Bourassa Sud are a twin AMT bus terminus connected to one another by a tunnel under Henri Bourassa Boulevard. Terminus Henri-Bourassa Nord is located at 10765, rue Lajeunesse north of Henri Bourassa Blvd in Montreal just south of the Viau bridge.[4][5] Terminus Henri-Bourassa Sud is located at 590 Henri Bourassa Boulevard East next to the Henri-Bourassa Metro station.[6][5]

Connecting bus routes[edit]

Before the Orange Line of the Montreal Metro was extended into Laval, 28 of the 34 Société de transport de Laval (STL) bus routes ended here, at the north terminal. Most of those routes (or their successors) were modified to terminate at either Montmorency or Cartier stations. Some inter municipal bus routes were also modified to take advantage of the closer stations. This leaves the old large north facility underutilised, and the waiting room (including the toilets) was closed as of Monday January 21, 2008. All platforms at the rebuilt south annex are completely used by Société de transport de Montréal (STM) buses.

Bus routes before opening Laval stations[edit]

Current bus routes[edit]

Société de transport de Laval
At Terminus Nord
Route Service Times Map
Click on "Route map"
2 Métro Montmorency - Terminus Henri-Bourassa Overnight
See note No. 1
Map Schedule, westbound
31 Auteuil - Metro Henri-Bourassa All-day Map Schedule, northbound
52 Saint-François - Metro Henri-Bourassa All-day Map Schedule, eastbound
55 Laval-Ouest - Metro Henri-Bourassa All-day Map Schedule, Northbound
252 Saint-François - Metro Henri-Bourassa Rush Hour Map Schedule, eastbound
MRC Les Moulins
At Terminus Nord
Route Service Times Map Schedule
25A Terrebonne - Terminus Henri-Bourassa All-day Weekdays
See note No. 2
N/A Schedule
See note No. 2
35 Terrebonne - Montréal All-day Weekdays N/A Schedule
Société de transport de Montréal
At Terminus Sud
Route Service Times Map Schedule
Autobusmontréal.svg 30 Saint-Denis/Saint-Hubert All-day Map Schedule
Autobusmontréal.svg 31 Saint-Denis All-day, Weekends before 8:00PM Map
See note No. 3
Autobusmontréal.svg 48 Perras All-day Map Schedule
Autobusmontréal.svg 49 Maurice-Duplessis All-day Map Schedule
Autobusmontréal.svg 53 Boulevard Saint-Laurent All-day Map Schedule
Autobusmontréal.svg 56 Saint-Hubert School Year Service before 7:00PM Map Schedule
Autobusmontréal.svg 69 Gouin All-day Map
See note No. 4
Autobusmontréal.svg 146 Christophe-Colomb/Meilleur Weekdays After 8:00PM, All-day Weekends Map
See note No. 5
Autobusmontréal.svg 164 Dudemaine All-day Map Schedule
Autobusmontréal.svg 171 Henri-Bourassa All-day Map Schedule
S-nuit.gif 361 Saint-Denis Overnight Map Schedule
S-nuit.gif 363 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Overnight Map Schedule
S-nuit.gif 380 Henri-Bourassa Overnight Map
See note No. 4
STM Metrobus Express.svg 469 Express Henri-Bourassa Weekdays before 8:00PM Map Schedule
  1. At night, when the metro is not in operation, STL route 2 offers a connection between stations Montmorency and Henri-Bourassa, Monday to Saturday only.
  2. On the weekends CRTL Route 25A terminates at avenue St-Julien / rue d'Amos in Montreal Nord.
  3. STM route No. 31 does not enter the terminus, but stops northbound on Lajeunesse Street, ends on Millen and stops southbound on Berri Street.
  4. STM routes No. 69 and 380 do not enter the terminus, but run on Henri Bourassa Boulevard in both directions.
  5. STM route No. 146 enters the terminus only after 8 P.M. and on weekends.

Nearby points of interest[edit]


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