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Henri Beauclair, 1914

Henri Eugène Amédée Beauclair (December 21, 1860 at Lisieux – May 11, 1919 in Paris) was a French poet, novelist, and journalist. He was the chief editor of the daily newspaper Le Petit Journal from 1906 to 1914. He worked for a number of publications, including Lutèce, Le Chat noir, Le Procope, journal parlé (1893–1898), and Le Sagittaire, a monthly revue of art and literature (1900–1901).

He had a taste and an unquestionable talent for satire and pastiche. He collaborated with poet Gabriel Vicaire, with whom he wrote the famous Déliquescences of Adoré Floupette (1885), a parody of the Decadent movement in poetry which caused several months of vigorous debate within Parisian literary circles.


  • L'Eternelle chanson, triolets (1884)
  • Les Déliquescences d'Adoré Floupette (1885)
  • Les Horizontales (1885)
  • Pentecôte (1886)
Novels and essays
  • Le Pantalon de Madame Desnou (1886)
  • Ohé ! l'Artiste (1887)
  • La Ferme à Goron (1888)
  • Une heure chez M. Barrès par un faux Renan (1890)
  • Tapis vert (1897)


  • This article is translated from the French Wikipedia.

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