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Henri Édouard Dallier (20 March 1849 – 23 December 1934) was a French organist. He studied organ with César Franck at the Paris Conservatory and obtained first prize in organ and fugue in 1878. He became "titulaire du grand orgue" of Saint-Eustache in 1879 and in 1905 he succeeded Gabriel Fauré as the organist of la Madeleine.


  • Cantilène, piano, 1874
  • Six grands préludes pour la Toussaint, Op. 19, organ (Leduc, 1891)
  • Contemplation, violin, piano/harp and organ (Leduc, 1891)
  • Messe nuptiale (Leduc, 1894)
  • In Deo caritas, organ (Leduc, 1895)
  • Symphony No.1, Op. 50 (1908)
  • Cinq invocations, organ (Lemoine, 1926)
  • Fete joyeuse, trumpet and piano
  • Fantaisie-Caprice, oboe and piano

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Preceded by
Gabriel Fauré
Organist, Église de la Madeleine
Succeeded by
Édouard Mignan