Henri Ding

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Fountain of the three orders, in Grenoble (France).

Henri Marius Ding (30 June 1844 – 1898) was a French sculptor.

Henri Ding was born in Grenoble.[1] His most famous work is the Fontaine des trois ordres (Fountain of the three orders) on the place Notre-Dame in Grenoble. It paid tribute to Dauphiné people who brought the beginnings of the French Revolution, and was conducted to celebrate the events centennial in 1888.[2] Ding died in Grenoble.

Henry Ding received the Légion d'honneur. Most of his works can be seen in the Museum of Grenoble.


His main works include :

  • The Statue of Liberty, also named Marianne, à Vizille
  • The Monument to Xavier Jouvin, in Grenoble
  • Several sculptures in the church of Le Périer
  • More than ten funerary monuments in the Saint Roch Cemetery, in Grenoble[3]



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