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Henri Jordan (30 September 1833 – 10 November 1886) was a German scholar of Roman topography in the 19th century.

He worked together with Christian Huelsen and Rodolfo Lanciani and is most famous for his 2 volume study of Roman topography, Topographie der Stadt Rom im Alterthum. This important work includes a critical edition of the regionary catalogues of ancient Rome, the Notitia and the Curiosum.

Jordan was born in Berlin and died in Königsberg, where he had been a professor since 1867.


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  3. Topographie der Stadt Rom im Altertum ( Berlin 1870-85, 2 vol.)
  4. 1886. Der Tempel der Vesta und das Haus der Vestalinnen. Weidmann.

He edited Ludwig Prellers Römische Mythologie (Berlin 1881).