Henri Joseph Anastase Perrotin

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Henri Joseph Anastase Perrotin

Henri Joseph Anastase Perrotin (December 19, 1845 – February 29, 1904) was a French astronomer. Some sources give his middle name as Athanase.

In his early career, he and Guillaume Bigourdan were assistants of Félix Tisserand at Toulouse Observatory. Later, he was the director of the Nice Observatory in Nice, France from 1884 until his death. He made observations of Mars and attempted to determine the rotation period of Venus. He also calculated perturbations in the orbit of 4 Vesta.

Perrotin crater on Mars named in his honor

In the literature, he is sometimes referred to as Henri Perrotin and sometimes as Joseph Perrotin (this is indeed one and the same person). His asteroid discoveries are credited by the Minor Planet Center to "J. Perrotin".

He won the Prix Lalande in 1875 and 1883.[1] Perrotin crater on Mars has been named in his honor, as has asteroid 1515 Perrotin.

Asteroids discovered: 6
138 Tolosa May 19, 1874
149 Medusa September 21, 1875
163 Erigone April 26, 1876
170 Maria January 10, 1877
180 Garumna January 29, 1878
252 Clementina October 11, 1885


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