Henri Lachambre

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Studio portrait of Henri Lachambre by Nadar

Henri Lachambre (30 December 1846, Vagney, Vosges – 12 June 1904) was a French manufacturer of balloons. His factory was in the Paris suburb Vaugirard. He also participated in ballooning himself and attained a number of 500 ascents.

Lachambre supplied balloons to both the US Signal Corps [1] and the ill-fated arctic mission of S. A. Andrée in 1897. He worked together with the Brazilian aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont, who in 1898 flew his first self-owned balloon.

Together with his nephew Alexis Machuron Lachambre wrote a book about Andrée's expedition, Au pôle nord en ballon (Imprimerie Nilsson, 1897, 250 pages), which was quickly translated into Swedish, English, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Polish.

An advert for the business of 19th-century balloon-maker Henri Lachambre, depicts a balloon rising out of a mass of animals and other balloons.


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