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Henry Meschonnic (18 September 1932, Paris – 8 April 2009, Villejuif) was a French poet, linguist, essayist and translator. He's remembered today as both a theoretician of language and as a translator of the Old Testament. The 710-page Critique du rythme, probably remains his most famous theoretical work.[1] As a translator of the Old Testament he published many volumes, including Les cinq rouleaux in 1970 (Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Esther); Jona et le signifiant errant in 1998 (Jonah); Gloires in 2000 (Psalms); Au commencement in 2002 (Genesis); Les Noms in 2003 (Exodus); Et il a appelé in 2005 (Leviticus); and Dans le désert in 2008 (Numbers).[2]


  • 1972 Max Jacobs International Poetry Prize
  • 1986 Mallarmé prize
  • 2006 Prix de Littérature Nathan Katz pour l’ensemble de l’œuvre
  • 2007 International Grand Prix de poesie Guillevic-ville of Saint-Malo[3]


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