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Professor Henri-François-Émile Termier (December 13, 1897 – August 12, 1989) was a French geologist.

Born at Lyon into a scholarly family, he served in the First World War as an artillery officer during which he earned a Croix de guerre. After working as an assistant at the university in Montpellier (1923 - 1925), he became a geologist working for the Service géologique du Maroc (Morocco Mine Service), where he worked until 1940, becoming very famous for his studies of stratigraphy and fossil fauna (he found the first specimens of Titanichthys agassizi). Later he taught at the university of Algeria (1945) and ten years later he became a chairmain at the Sorbonne. He was married to professor Geneviève Termier, another famous French paleontologist.

Selected bibliography[edit]

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