Henri Zuber

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Henri Zuber
Photograph of Henri Zuber by Antoine Meyer, c. 1887
Photograph of Henri Zuber by Antoine Meyer, c. 1887
Born Jean Henri Zuber
24 June 1844
Rixheim, Haut-Rhin, Alsace, France
Died 7 April 1909
Paris, France
Nationality French
Known for landscape
Awards Légion d'honneur
Elected 1869 Salon des artistes français
1884 Société d'aquarellistes français
Henri Zuber, Yamoun du gouverneur à Kang-hoa, from Le Tour du monde: Nouveau journal des voyages, 1873
Henri Zuber-Entrée du port de Gênes.jpg
Henri Zuber, Entrée du port de Gênes
("Entrance to the port of Genova"), 1876
Henri Zuber-Le Troupeau de Vieux-Ferrette.jpg
Henri Zuber, Le Troupeau de Vieux-Ferrette
("The flock of Vieux-Ferrette"), 1884

Jean Henri Zuber (24 June 1844 – 7 April 1909) was a French landscape painter. He was born in Rixheim, in the Haut-Rhin département of Alsace. He served in the French navy from 1863 to 1868, and took part in the French campaign against Korea in 1866.[1]


Zuber entered the atelier of Charles Gleyre in 1868 and was admitted to the Salon des artistes français in 1869. In 1873 he published an account of his experiences in Korea, with his own illustrations, in the Hachette periodical Le Tour du Monde.[2]

From 1884 he is listed as a member of the Société d'aquarellistes français or "French society of watercolourists".[3]

In 1886, he was made a knight of the Légion d'honneur.

Zuber died in Paris on 7 April 1909.[1]


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