Henri de Guénégaud

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Henri de Guénégaud

Henri du Plessis-Guénégaud, Lord of the Plessis-Belleville, Marquis de La Garnache (1610 – 16 March 1676) was a French scholar who was Secretary of State of the royal household, and Naval Minister.


He was Son of Gabriel Guénégaud, Lord of the Plessis-Belleville 1638 and Marie La Croix, Dame du Plessis-Belleville 1655. He married Isabel de Choiseul; they had children:

  • Gabriel 1643
  • Caesar Phoebus +
  • Roger 1645
  • Claire Bénédicte 1646–1675
  • Henry 1647–1722
  • Emmanuel
  • Elisabeth Angelique

He was the brother of Claude's treasurer, brother-in-law of César d'Albret who married his sister Madeleine.

It was as secretary to Dubuisson Aubenay. He built the hôtel Guénégaud.


  • Secretary of State for the Royal Household in 1643 to 1669 under Louis XIV
  • State Secretary of the Navy 23 March 1643 to 1662 under Louis XIII and Louis XIV
  • Keeper of the Seals of the Order of the Holy Spirit
  • Advisor to the King and treasurer of his savings
Political offices
Preceded by
Henri Auguste de Loménie
Minister for the Maison du Roi
Succeeded by
Jean-Baptiste Colbert
Preceded by
Henri Auguste de Loménie
Minister of the Navy and the Colonies
Succeeded by
Hugues de Lionne