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Henriette Gezundhajt (born March 25, 1963) is a professor of French linguistics at Glendon College and York University.[1]

Gezundhajt was born in France and studied Enunciative Linguistics at the University Paris 7 until 1988. She received her Ph.D. in French linguistics from the University of Toronto in 1995 and has taught at several universities in Toronto, including Ryerson University, York University and U of T.[2] She specializes in the morphology of adverbs and her work has been cited in various journals and books such as Structure du Français Moderne by Pierre Léon and Parth Bhatt.[3] She has created several websites dedicated to the study of linguistics. Among them, "Sur Les Sentiers de La Linguistique" offers a comprehensive introductory guide to French linguistics.[4] She is also a licensed hypnotherapist and has written on the evolution of the historical origins of hypnotism.[5]


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