Henriette Nissen-Saloman

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Henriette Nissen-Saloman

Henriette Nissen-Saloman (18 January 1819 – 27 August 1879), was a Swedish opera singer (mezzo-soprano) and singing teacher.

Henriette was born in Gothenburg, where she was a student of organist Georg Günther. In 1838, she traveled to Paris in 1838, where she took singing lessons from Manuel Garcia and piano lessons from Frédéric Chopin. She debuted as Elvira in Don Juan at the Comédie-Italienne in Paris in 1842. She toured Europe from 1844 to 1855 before she was employed at the Italian Opera at Saint Petersburg in Russia in 1859, where she was an instructor at the conservatory until 1873. She was elected to the Royal Swedish Academy of Music in 1870, and awarded the Litteris et Artibus in 1871. She married the Danish composer Siegfried Saloman in 1850.


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