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Henrik Jonback (born 1973) is a Swedish producer, songwriter and musician.[1]

Writing credits include Britney Spears, Madonna, Miike Snow, Kelis, Kylie Minogue, Galantis, Ms. Dynamite, Sugababes, Christina Milian. He has worked in close collaboration with producers Bloodshy & Avant over the years. Henrik co-wrote "Toxic" with Britney Spears which became one of the biggest selling singles of 2004 in the world.



From Galantis's forthcoming Pharmacy

  • "Peanut Butter Jelly" (Writer)
  • "Forever Tonight" (Writer, musician)
  • "In My Head" (Writer, musician)
  • "Firebird" (Writer, musician)

From Daniel Adams-Ray's Thinking Of Sunshine

  • "Thinking Of Sunshine " (Producer, writer & musician)


From Mapei's Hey Hey

  • "Things You Know Nothing About" (Producer, writer & musician)

From Gina Dirawi's LOVE

  • "LOVE" (Producer, writer & musician)

From Daniel Adams-Ray's Babbelover

  • "Babbelover (Henrik Jonback Remix)"

From Galantis's Galantis EP

  • "Revolution" (Writer & musician)
  • "The Heart That I´m Hearing" (Writer & musician)


From Daniel Adams-Ray's Innan vi suddas ut

  • "Aldrig Mer Gå Ensam" (Producer, writer & musician)
  • "Precis Som Jag" (Producer, writer & musician)
  • "Innan Vi Suddas Ut" (Producer, writer & musician)
  • "Babbelover" (Producer, writer & musician)
  • "Tårarnas Reservoar" (Producer, writer & musician)
  • "Svär På Mammas Grav" (Producer, writer & musician)
  • "Drömfångare" (Producer, writer & musician)
  • "Redo Att Dö" (Producer, writer & musician)
  • "Allt Det Där Jag Aldrig Blev" (Producer, writer & musician)
  • "Där Regnbågen Tar Slut" (Musician)

From The Amplifetes's Where Is The Light

  • "Interlude - House Call"
  • "Where Is The Light"
  • "You Want It"
  • "My Heart Is Leaving Town"
  • "You/Me/Evolution"
  • "Tracey Clark"
  • "Keep On Running"
  • "Start:Stop"
  • "Never Going Back"
  • "S.E.O.K.L"
  • "This Can't Be It"


From Maskinen's Framgång & Efterfrågan

  • "Stora Trygga Vargen" (Producer, writer & musician)

From Zowie's Love Demolition

  • "My Calculator" (Producer, writer & musician)
  • "The Bang Bangs" (Producer, writer & musician)


From Britney Spears' Femme Fatale

  • "How I Roll" (Producer, writer & musician)
  • "Trip To Your Heart" (Producer, writer & musician)


  • Dawn Tales (Remake of Madonna's How High)


From The Amplifetes' The Amplifetes

  • "Intro"
  • "It´s My Life"
  • "Maxine"
  • "Somebody New"
  • "Blinded By The Moonlight"
  • "When The Music Died"
  • "There She Walks"
  • "A Million Men"
  • "There Will Never Be Another One"
  • "Fokker"
  • "It Can´t Rain All The Time"


From Miike Snow's Miike Snow

  • "Animal" (Writer)
  • "Black & Blue" (Writer)

From BoA's Best & USA

  • "Universe" (Writer & musician)

From BoA's BoA

  • "Did Ya" (Writer & musician)
  • "Eat You Up" (Producer & musician)
  • "Look Who´s Talking" (Producer, writer & musician)
  • "Hypnotic Dancefloor (Producer & musician)


From Britney Spears' Circus

  • "Unusual You"(Writer & musician)
  • "Phonography" (Writer & musician)
  • "Trouble" (iTunes Pre-order bonus track) (Writer & musician)

From Crystal Kay's Namida no Saki ni (涙のさきに; Beyond the Tears)

  • "Dream World" (SOIDOG MIX) Remixed together with Bloodshy & Avant
  • "Namida no Saki ni (涙のさきに; Beyond the Tears)" (SOIDOG MIX) Remixed together with Bloodshy Avant"

From Sean Garrett's Turbo 919

  • "Turbo 919" (Writer & musician)

From Leon Jean Marie's Bent out of shape

  • "You Must Know" (Writer & musician)
  • "Bring It On" (Musician)
  • "East End Blues" (Writer & musician)
  • "Jumpin Off the Block" (Writer & musician)


From Britney Spears' Blackout

  • "Piece of Me" (UK #2, US #18) 3 time VMA winner (Musician)
  • "Radar" (co-produced by The Clutch) (US #88, SWE #8) (Writer & musician)
  • "Freakshow" (Writer & musician)

From Jordin Sparks

  • "Shy Boy" (Writer & musician)
  • "Young and in Love" (Writer & musician)

From Kevin Michael

  • "We All Want the Same Thing" featuring Lupe Fiasco (Writer & musician)
  • "Hoodbuzzin" (Musician)
  • "Lollipop" (unreleased) (Writer & musician)

From Kylie Minogue's X

  • "Nu-di-ty" (Musician)
  • "Speakerphone" (Writer & musician)

From the soundtrack Music and Lyrics: Music from the Motion Picture


From Kelis' Kelis Was Here

  • "Fire" featuring Spragga Benz (Writer & musician)


From Britney Spears' Someday (I Will Understand) - CD Single and Britney & Kevin: Chaotic - Bonus CD

  • "Chaotic" (Writer & musician)
  • "Mona Lisa" (Musician)

From Brooke Valentine's Chain Letter

  • "Blah-Blah-Blah" featuring Ol Dirty Bastard (Writer & musician)
  • "American Girl" (Writer & musician)
  • "Thrill of the Chase" (Writer & musician)

From Madonna's Confessions on a Dance Floor

  • "How High" (Writer & musician)
  • "Like It or Not" (Writer & musician)

From Rob Thomas' ...Something to Be

  • "This Is How a Heart Breaks" (Writer)

From Utada's Exodus

  • "You Make Me Want to Be a Man" (Musician)


From Britney Spears' Greatest Hits: My Prerogative

From Christina Milian's It's About Time

  • "I Need More" (Writer & musician)

From Ms. Dynamite's Judgement Days

  • "Not Today" (#7 UK) (Writer & musician)
  • "Shavaar" (#7 UK) (Writer & musician)

From Bro´sis' Showtime

  • "Freaky Deaky" (Writer & musician)
  • "My One And Only" (Writer & musician)

From Guy Sebastian's Beautiful Life

  • "Anthem Of Why" (Writer & musician)


From Britney Spears' In the Zone

  • "Toxic" (UK #1, US #9) Grammy Award winner (Writer & musician)
  • "Showdown" (Writer & musician)

From Rachel Stevens' Funky Dory

From Janet Jackson "Damita Jo"

  • "Slo Love" (Musician)

From Billy Crawford's Ride

  • "The Way She Rocks My World" (bonus track) (Writer & musician)

From Ruby Amanfu's Sugah

  • "Some of That Marley" (Writer & musician)

From Lene Nystrøm's Play With Me

  • "Up in Smoke" (Writer & musician)


From Santana Shaman

  • "Let me love you tonight" (Musician)

From Christina Milian's Christina Milian

  • "When You Look at Me" (#3 UK) (Writer & musician)
  • "Last Call" (Writer & musician)
  • "Snooze You Lose" (Writer & musician)

From Ms. Dynamite's A Little Deeper

  • "It Takes More" (Bloodshy Main mix) - (#7 UK) (Musician)
  • "Brother" (Writer & musician)
  • "Put Him Out" - (A Little Deeper) (#28 UK) (Writer & musician)

From Sugababes' Angels with Dirty Faces

  • "Switch" (Writer & musician)
  • "Supernatural" (Musician)

From Samantha Mumba's The Collection


  • Amanda - "You Don't Stand A Chance" (Writer & musician)
  • Amanda - "Call Me" (Writer & musician)
  • Stella Soleil - "Let's Just Go To Bed" (Writer & musician)

From Bardot's "Play It Like That"

  • "ASAP" (Writer & musician)
  • "When The Cat´s Away" (Writer & musician)


From Richard Blackwood's "You´ll Love To Hate This"

  • "1,2,3,4 - Get With The Wicked" (Writer & musician)
  • "Someone There For Me" (Writer & musician)


  • ASCAP Award for Most Performed Song - "Toxic" - 2005
  • ASCAP Award - "Toxic" - 2004
  • Ivor Novello Award - Performing Right Society (PRS) Most Performed Work - "Toxic" - 2005
  • SMFF Award - 2006


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