Henrik Krøyer Holme

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Henrik Krøyer Holme
Henrik Krøyer Holme is located in Greenland
Henrik Krøyer Holme
Henrik Krøyer Holme
LocationFar NE Greenland
Coordinates80°38′N 13°43′W / 80.633°N 13.717°W / 80.633; -13.717Coordinates: 80°38′N 13°43′W / 80.633°N 13.717°W / 80.633; -13.717
ArchipelagoWandel Sea
Total islands3
Area9.9 km2 (3.8 sq mi)
ZoneNE Greenland National Park

Henrik Krøyer Holme is a small group of uninhabited islands of Greenland within Northeast Greenland National Park.[1] The area was formerly part of Avannaa, originally Nordgrønland ("North Greenland"), a former county of Greenland until 31 December 2008.

The Henrik Krøyer Holme group is an Important Bird Area where the ivory gull breeds.[2]


This cluster of small islands is located in the Wandel Sea off the coast of Amdrup Land.[3] The waters around the islands are part of the North East Water polynya, a seasonal area of open water surrounded by ice.[4]

Map of Northeastern Greenland.

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