Henrik Laurentius Helliesen

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Henrik Laurentius Helliesen.

Henrik Laurentius Helliesen (20 December 1824 – 22 July 1900) was a Norwegian civil servant and politician.[1]

Helliesen was born at Bodø in Nordland, Norway. He studied law taking his law degree at the University of Christiania in 1847. He was employed by the Ministry of Finance in 1849 and advanced to bureau chief in 1853 and deputy secretary 1854. He was district Governor in Nedenes in 1860 and represented Arendal in the Norwegian Parliament from 1862 to 1863. [2]

He was the Norwegian Minister of Finance for several periods between 1863 and 1883, and a member of the Council of State Division in Stockholm several times between 1865 and 1884. He was also Minister of Education and Church Affairs in 1884.[3]


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