Henrik Sjögren

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Henrik Samuel Conrad Sjögren
Henrik Samuel Conrad Sjögren.jpg
Born(1899-07-23)23 July 1899
Died17 September 1986(1986-09-17) (aged 87)
Lund, Sweden
Alma materKarolinska Institute
Known forSjögren syndrome

Henrik Samuel Conrad Sjögren (UK: /ˈʃɜːɡrɛn/, US: /ˈʃɡrɛn/,[1] Swedish: [ˈɧø̂ːɡreːn];[2] 23 July 1899, Köping – 17 September 1986, Lund)[3] was a Swedish ophthalmologist best known for describing the eponymous condition Sjögren syndrome. Sjögren received his medical degree in Stockholm 1927 and in 1933 published a doctoral thesis at the Karolinska Institute titled "On knowledge of keratoconjunctivitis"[4] that eventually served as the basis of identifying and naming of Sjögren's syndrome. He had one child born in 1934 named Gunvor.

Henrik Sjögren should not be confused with his contemporary, Torsten Sjögren, after whom Sjögren–Larsson syndrome and Marinesco–Sjögren syndrome are named.


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