Henrik Sjögren

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Henrik Samuel Conrad Sjögren
Born(1899-07-23)23 July 1899
Died17 September 1986(1986-09-17) (aged 87)
Lund, Sweden
Alma materKarolinska Institute
Known forSjögren syndrome

Henrik Samuel Conrad Sjögren (UK: /ˈʃɜːɡrɛn/, US: /ˈʃɡrɛn/,[1] Swedish: [ˈɧø̂ːɡreːn];[2] 23 July 1899, Köping – 17 September 1986, Lund)[3] was a Swedish ophthalmologist best known for describing the eponymous condition Sjögren syndrome. Sjögren received his medical degree in Stockholm 1927. His first experience with the syndrome was an encounter with a 49-year-old woman with arthritis and extreme dryness of the eyes and the mouth. He worked with his wife, Maria, to describe a total of 19 cases and presented these cases for his doctoral theses in 1933,[4] which was published at the Karolinska Institute and titled "On knowledge of keratoconjunctivitis"[5] that eventually served as the basis of identifying and naming of Sjögren's syndrome. He had one child, born in 1934, named Gunvor.


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