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Olifiers in 2018

Henrique Olifiers is a Brazilian game designer who specializes in creating media-convergent game formats.


Olifiers's last position in Brazil was as Head of Games at Globo TV. There he developed around 30 web-based games, some of them multiplayer, such as Thorvarium 1 and 2. He developed one massive multiplayer online role-playing game called Herois e vampiros (Heroes and Vampires). He was also the lead designer in the production of the games Conquista de Titã and My Big Brother.

Olifiers is best known not as a game designer but as a gaming journalist. He conducted GamesMania Brazil, the South American arm of the worldwide GamesMania online magazine. As a chief-editor, he led the gaming portal in the early 1990s.

After GamesMania Olifiers founded LagZero, a multiplayer-oriented gaming portal that later became the wider[vague] FinalBoss.com, currently the largest hardcore gaming portal in Latin America[citation needed]. FinalBoss.com is also a startup games development company.

Olifiers worked as Head of MechScape/Stellar Dawn at Jagex Ltd[1] until he left in 2009, joining social games developer Playfish as Studio Director in the UK. He has been credited as the producer of FIFA Superstars,[2] later named amongst the 10 top Facebook games of 2010 by InsideSocialGames.com.[3]

In late 2010 Olifiers co-founded Bossa Studios,[4][5] where he fulfills the role of Gamer-In-Chief. His first game produced at Bossa Studios, Monstermind, was launched at the Eurogamer Expo 2011[6] and was nominated for two BAFTAs.[7]


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