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Henry's Cat
Henry's Cat.jpg
DVD cover
Genre Kids, Family, Animation, Comedy
Created by Bob Godfrey
Stan Hayward
Written by Kevin Baldwin
Bob Godfrey
Stan Hayward
Mike Knowles
Directed by Bob Godfrey
Voices of Bob Godfrey
Narrated by Bob Godfrey
Theme music composer Peter Shade
John Hyde
Rowland Lee
Jonathan Hodge
Opening theme Henry's Cat Theme
Ending theme Henry's Cat Theme (Instrumental)
No. of series 5
No. of episodes 51
Producer(s) Bob Godfrey
Running time 5 minutes (Series 1 & 2)
15 minutes (Series 3 & 4)
13 minutes (Series 5)
Production company(s) Bob Godfrey Films Ltd.
Original network BBC (1983), BBC1 (1983–1985), Children's BBC (1985–1997), HBO (1986–1987), CBBC (1997), Channel 4 (1995–1997), The Children's Channel , Nick Jr.
Picture format 4:3 480i (SDTV)
4:3 576i (SDTV)
Audio format Mono
Dolby Stereo
Dolby Surround
Original release 12 September 1983 – 1993
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Henry's Cat is a British animated children's television series, created by Stan Hayward and directed by Bob Godfrey,[1] who was also the producer of Roobarb and Noah and Nelly in... SkylArk. The show starred a laid-back, ponderous yellow cat, known only as Henry's Cat, and his many friends and enemies.

Henry's Cat was first screened by BBC Television in the United Kingdom on 12 September 1983, and has enjoyed repeats since then. Five series were made in total.[2]

You must have seen the movie
You must have read the book
He's a mellow yellow feline, so take a second look
He knows everything about nothing
and not too much about that
but if you know someone
who knows what he knows
Then you must know Henry's Cat

:Excerpt from Henry's Cat theme.[3]


Henry's Cat and his friends[edit]

  • Henry's Cat – laid-back, a daydreamer, with a great passion for eating.[4]
  • Chris Rabbit – Henry's Cat's best friend, an ever-enthusiastic, highly energetic blue rabbit.
  • Mosey Mouse – the opposite of Chris Rabbit, Mosey is dour and realistic.
  • Douglas Dog, Sammy Snail, Pansy Pig, Denise Duck, Ted Tortoise, Philippe Frog – miscellaneous friends of Henry's Cat. They all mean well, but often overestimate their own abilities in various ways.

His enemies[edit]

  • Farmer Giles – a (human) farmer with a West Country accent, frequently inconvenienced by Henry's Cat's adventures.
  • Constable Bulldog – a stern policeman (or police dog) who takes a very dim view of the gang's well-meaning escapades.
  • Rum Baa Baa – a criminal mastermind, an evil sheep.


Henry himself never appeared on screen; the name is thought by some to be an allusion to an earlier one-off Hayward/Godfrey collaboration, Henry 9 'til 5, about a bowler-hatted commuter who escaped his boring everyday life by indulging in daydreams, mostly of a sexual nature. Henry's Cat shared the earlier character's tendency toward wild flights of fancy and laid-back approach to life. Henry's Cat creator Stan Hayward included the official explanation for the character's lack of a name on the official Henry's Cat Special Edition DVD in 2000. The explanation was that Henry, an unseen character in the series, had been Henry's Cat's original owner. He had moved away, and Henry's Cat had forgotten to go with him. He had a terrible memory, and later even forgot his own name, and so became known simply as "Henry's Cat".

Episode list[edit]

Series 1 (1983)[edit]

Each episode in this series is 5 minutes long.

# Title Summary Original air date
1 The Hobby Henry's Cat is inspired to find a hobby of his own and watches his friends doing theirs.
2 The Race Henry's Cat holds a race with all his friends racing with their own talents.
3 The Circus Henry's Cat sees a circus and sees this as an exciting opportunity.
4 The Competition Henry's Cat, Chris Rabbit and Mosey Mouse dress up as a one-man band for a competition.
5 The Moon Trip Henry's Cat and Chris Rabbit go in a balloon for a journey to the moon.
6 The Hypnotist Henry's Cat is inspired by the TV to try out hypnotism to help his friends, but soon decides to undo his hypnosis.
7 The Holiday Henry's Cat goes on holiday on a sailing boat at sea.
8 The Treasure Henry's Cat and Chris Rabbit try to find treasure with a dividing stick.
9 The Ill Wind A sick Henry's Cat imagines himself dying and going to the afterlife.
10 The Diet Henry's Cat takes the advice of a weighing machine to cut down on overeating and take exercise.
11 The Fortune Teller Henry's Cat goes to a fortune teller at a funfair with his future near at hand.
12 The Explorer Henry's Cat goes exploring to find the West Pole.
13 The Whale Henry's Cat goes fishing for a whale to get something new to eat.
14 The Invention Henry's Cat is inspired to invent a machine and ends inventing something for Captain McGregor.
15 The Dream Henry's Cat falls asleep after eating a lot, dreaming about vivid things.
16 The Robbery Henry's Cat becomes detective, but runs into Mosey Mouse's uncle.
17 The Christmas Dinner Henry's Cat helps Chris Rabbit prepare a Christmas Dinner but get themselves stuck.
18 The Film Henry's Cat gets an old film cine camera to make a film starring his friends.
19 The Disco Dance Henry's Cat takes his friends to a disco dance competition. When that does not work out, they join a carnival.
20 The Artist Henry's Cat tries to learn about art and how artists see things differently.

Series 2 (1984–1985)[edit]

Each episode in this series is 5 minutes long.

# Title Summary Original air date
21 The Magic Tummy Button Henry's Cat and his friends search a museum for the lost temple of Aki-Kun-Bubu to find the magic tummy button.
22 The Secret Weapon Henry's Cat dreams about himself and Chris Rabbit as scientists defending the earth from little blue men.
23 The New Year's Resolution Henry's Cat is prompted to take exercise for New Year with a backwards running race with his friends.
24 The Good News Day On a day when nothing happens, Henry's Cat dreams he is a heroic captain of a world cruising plane.
25 The Catseye Kid Henry's Cat imagines himself as the cowboy Catseye who is out to stop the cattle rancher, Bandit Baa Baa.
26 The Hot Day On a hot day, Henry's Cat unknowingly finds himself joining the Foreign Legion in the hot desert.
27 The Merry Men and Women Henry's Cat dresses as Robin Hood and recruits his friend as his Merry Men and Women.
28 The Actor Henry's Cat decides to become a famous actor and does in the Theatre by accident.
29 The Weatherman Henry's Cat becomes weathermen to report good weather forecasts.
30 The Invitation Henry's Cat is invited to dinner party with Lady Snotgrove, but he feels unprepared without proper table manners.
31 The Ventriloquist Henry's Cat enters a contest as a ventriloquist with Chris Rabbit as his dummy, but it all goes wrong.
32 The Clever Trick Henry's Cat learns a trick to bend objects, which eventually makes him famous around the world.
33 The Hero Henry's Cat imagines his Great Uncle Felix's adventure as an ace fighter pilot against Baron Von Baa Baa.
34 Caveman Cat Henry's Cat daydreams about being a cave cat with his inventing neighbour Chris Rabbit.
35 The Abominable Snowman Henry's Cat and Chris Rabbit go an expedition which winds them up in trouble.

Series 3 (1986)[edit]

Each episode in this series is 15 minutes long.

# Title Summary Original air date
36 The Treasure Hunt Henry's Cat dreams of being a member of his own crew at sea after reading Treasure Island.
37 The Day of Terrible Jokes Henry's Cat fascinated by Medieval Knights dreams that he is bold knight winning a jousting tournament against Sir Loin of Lamb. After that he is sent to capture a three-headed dragon.
38 The Case of the Pilfered Pearls Henry's Cat imagines himself as Sherlock Holmes on the trail of Rum Baba (here operating under the name of Rumbini) who has been using his magic shows as a means to steal expensive jewellery from the rich.
39 The Lost World Henry's Cat fascinated by a TV program called Tarzan dreams that he himself is a jungle man with the huge responsibility to take care of the Lost World. The next day Henry's Cat has to stop Rum Baa Baa from capturing the dinosaurs.
40 The Computer Henry's Cat goes to a computer exhibition. There he rents a small computer robot he calls Puter. Trying to buy Puter is hard and keep his house orderly is difficult for Henry's Cat.
41 The Correspondence Course Henry's Cat goes to Big Bob's Animation Studios to make a cartoon – and a Wibbles Wobbly Jelly advert.

Series 4 (1986–1987)[edit]

Each episode in this series is 15 minutes long.

# Title Summary Original air date
42 Out for the Count Henry's Cat and Chris Rabbit are in a blowing gum match, but get lost and enter the creepy castle of Count Rum Baa Baa. Together they thwart his experiments.
43 The Birthday Caper Fed up on his birthday, Henry's Cat decides to go to Hollywood.
44 The Funny Feeling Mosey Mouse catches Clownitis, a disease a year on Mid-Summer's Day after he drank Moo-Moo Juice. Henry's Cat rushes to the Moo-Moo Juice factory to stop Rum Baa Baa (who is controlling the machine).
45 Once Upon a Time Henry's Cat imagines himself meeting various fairy tale characters – and a wolf who wants to eat Little Red Riding Hood's Granny.
46 The Jingle Henry's Cat and Chris Rabbit go to Cyril Chipper to help in his advertising campaign becoming successful.
47 The Great Adventure Henry's Cat and his friends go to space in a flying carrot, eat food tablets, and try to stop Rum Baa Baa.

Series 5 (1993)[edit]

Each episode in this series is 13 minutes long.

# Title Summary Original air date
48 The Mystery of the Missing Santa Henry's Cat and Chris Rabbit as detectives goes on a caper to find the a kidnapped Santa. They both break in the chateau, rescue Santa and get Count Baa Baa arrested.
49 When Time Went Wrong After attempting to fix his cuckoo clock, Henry's Cat along with Chris Rabbit travel in time to the Prehistoric Times. As they try to go back to the Present, they travel from one Epoch into another.
50 The New President Henry's Cat applies to be the new president of the United States of America so he can have his face carved into Mount Rushmore. Chris Rabbit tells him about the history of America featuring George Washington, Charlie Chaplin and the Seven Dwarfs.
51 Valentine's Day Henry's Cat has a brand new TV set (with so many channels), and sees Pansy Pig (with a paper bag on her head, thinking she is ugly), so he hosts "Blind Dates". With contestants: Rum Baa Baa, Sam Pig (Pansy's love interest) and Ted Tortoise.
Note: This episode coupled with 'The President's Day' won a Cable Ace Award in 1994 for Best Children's TV Series. Also Channel No. 5 on Henry's Cat's new TV resembles to the future TV channel, Channel 5.



Series 1[edit]

  • Created by: Stan Hayward
  • Script: Stan Hayward
  • Animation: Bob Godfrey, Paul Stone, Kevin Baldwin
  • Music & Sound: Peter Shade
  • Narrated by: Bob Godfrey
  • Camera & Editing: Derek Phillips
  • Production: Mike Hayes
  • Produced & Directed by: Bob Godfrey

(c) Stan Hayward Bob Godfrey Films Ltd. 1983

Series 2[edit]

  • Created by: Stan Hayward
  • Script: Stan Hayward
  • Animation: Kevin Baldwin, Bob Godfrey, Malcolm Hartley, Drew Mandigo, Paul Stone
  • Music: John Hyde / de Wolfe Ltd.
  • Dubbing: John Wood Studios
  • Editing: Sean Lenihan
  • Camera: Derek Phillips
  • Production: Mike Hayes
  • Produced, Directed and Narrated by: Bob Godfrey

(c) Stan Hayward Bob Godfrey Films Ltd. 1984 (From Series 2 to Series 5)

Series 3[edit]

  • Created by: Stan Hayward
  • Script: Stan Hayward
  • Animation: Kevin Baldwin, Bob Godfrey, Malcolm Hartley, Mark Oz, Paul Rosevear
  • Music: John Hyde / de Wolfe Ltd
  • Trace & Paint: Tancy Baran, Beryl Godfrey, Louise Unwin
  • Camera: Derek Phillips
  • Editing: John Daniels
  • Production: Mike Hayes
  • Produced, Directed and Narrated by: Bob Godfrey

Series 4[edit]

  • Created by: Stan Hayward
  • Script: Stan Hayward
  • Animation: Kevin Baldwin, Bob Godfrey, Neil Salmon
  • Additional Animation: Steve Roberts
  • Music: Jonathan Hodge
  • Trace and Paint: Beryl Godfrey, Louise Unwin
  • Camera: Julian Holdaway, Heather Reader
  • Editing: Picture Head
  • Production: Mike Hayes
  • Narrated, Directed and Produced by: Bob Godfrey

Series 5[edit]

  • Created by: Stan Hayward
  • Script: Stan Hayward, Mike Knowles, Kevin Baldwin, Bob Godfrey
  • Storyboard, Layouts, Animation: Kevin Baldwin
  • Additional Animation: Jeff Goldner, Neil Salmon, Bob Godfrey, Jody Gannon.
  • Trace and Paint: Denise Hambry, Lisa Smith, Jazvinda Phull, Beryl Godfrey, Ricky Arnold
  • Music: Rowland Lee
  • Title Music: Jonathan P. Hodge
  • Camera: Jeremy Moorshead
  • Backgrounds: Bob Godfrey
  • Editing: Picturehead
  • Production: Mike Hayes
  • Narrated, Produced and Directed by: Bob Godfrey


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