Henry, Marquess of Montferrat

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Henry (c.1020-c.1044/5) was a member of the Aleramid dynasty.

He was a younger son of William III of Montferrat and Waza. From 1042, he was co-ruler of the March of Montferrat with his older brother Otto II of Montferrat.

Probably in 1041, certainly before 19 January 1042, he married Adelaide of Susa, the heiress of the March of Turin, which temporarily united the two great northwestern Italian marches of Turin and Montferrat.[1]


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Henry, Marquess of Montferrat
Born: c.1020 Died: c. 1045
Preceded by
William III
Margrave of Montferrat
With: Otto II
Succeeded by
Otto II
Preceded by
Margrave of Turin
With: Adelaide
Succeeded by
Otto of Savoy