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Henry Allen "Harry" Wedgwood (4 April 1799 - 17 October 1885) was an English barrister.

Wedgwood was the third child and second son of Josiah Wedgwood II and his wife Elizabeth Allen. He was a grandson of the illustrious potter Josiah Wedgwood and a brother-in-law of the naturalist Charles Darwin.

He married twice, firstly on 28 February 1821 in Thames Ditton, Surrey to Caroline White; and secondly on 26 October 1830 to his double first cousin Jessie Wedgwood, daughter of John Wedgwood (1766–1844) and his wife Louisa Jane Allen. He had six children from this marriage; Louisa Frances (later Kempson) b.1834, Caroline Elizabeth b.1836, John Darwin b.1840, Anne Jane b.1841, Arthur b.1843 and Rowland Henry b.1847.[1]

He authored the children's book The Bird Talisman: An Eastern Tale. Some editions were illustrated by his cousin twice removed Gwen Raverat.


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