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Henry Frederick "Harry" Barrett (30 December 1879 – 18 December 1927) was a British long-distance runner who on 8 May 1909 set a world's best in only his second marathon with a time of 2:42:31 at the Polytechnic Marathon.[nb 1] Barrett failed to finish the men's marathon at the 1908 Summer Olympics and 1912 Summer Olympics.

Barret was an electrician from Hounslow.[4]


  1. ^ According to the progression of world bests listed by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), James Clark set a world best of 2:46:52.8 in New York on 12 February 1909, Albert Raines broke Clark's mark with a 2:46:04.6 in New York on 8 May 1909, and Henry Barrett broke Raines' mark with a 2:42:31.0 in London on 26 May 1909.[1] Ian Ridpath, a former director of the Polytechnic marathon, has indicated on his website that some sources have wrongly listed the date of Barrett performance as 26 May 1909 and has confirmed the true date as 8 May 1909.[2] An article in The Times dated 10 May 1909 provides strong evidence that Ridpath is correct.[3] Given that Barrett's marathon in London most likely concluded before Raines' marathon held on the same date in New York, it is also likely that Barrett rather than Raines broke the world best set by Clark three months earlier.


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Preceded by
United States Albert Raines
Men's Marathon World Record Holder
26 May 1909* – 31 August 1909
(*see explanation in the Notes section)
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Sweden Thure Johansson