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Barton's name listed on the Memorial to graves destroyed in Old St Paul's Cathedral

Sir Henry Barton (died 1435) was twice Lord Mayor of London in the 15th century.


He was born the son of Richard and Denise Barton.

In 1400 he was serving as Yeoman of the King's Chamber.

He was appointed Sheriff of London in 1406 and served as an Alderman for Farringdon ward and later Cornhill ward.

In 1407 he served as a tax collector.

He was elected Lord Mayor of London in 1416 and again in 1428.

He has a memorial on the wall of St Mary's Church, Mildenhall, but was buried in the Old St Paul's Cathedral. Consequently his grave and monument were destroyed by the Great Fire of London in 1666, but he is listed on a modern memorial in the crypt giving the names of important graves lost (together with several other Lord Mayors).

A biography can be found on the History of Parliament website [1].

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