Henry Bauchau

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Henry Bauchau
Born (1913-01-22)22 January 1913
Mechelen, Belgium
Died 21 September 2012(2012-09-21) (aged 99)
Paris, France
Occupation Psychoanalyst, author, poet, lawyer
Spouse(s) Mary Kozyrev
Children Patrick Bauchau

Henry Bauchau (22 January 1913 – 21 September 2012) was a Belgian psychoanalyst, lawyer, and author of French prose and poetry.[1]

He was the father of actor Patrick Bauchau.


Henry Bauchau was born in Mechelen, Belgium on 22 January 1913. He became a trial lawyer in Brussels in 1936 and was a member of the Belgian Resistance in the Ardennes during World War II.

He was married to Mary Kozyrev; their son is the actor Patrick Bauchau.[2][3] They lived for a time in Gstaad, Switzerland.

Bauchau died in Paris, France on 21 September 2012, aged 99.


From 1945 to 1951 he worked in publishing. In 1946, he moved to Paris.[4] He was a friend of Albert Camus, André Gide, Jacques Lacan, and Jacques Derrida.[5]


  • 1990 Royal Academy of Belgian Literature[5]
  • 2002 International Latin Union prize of Romance Language Literatures



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