Henry Cuyler Bunner

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Henry Cuyler Bunner
a stupendous novelist, poet and journalist.
a stupendous novelist, poet and journalist.
Born(1855-08-03)August 3, 1855
Oswego, New York, United states of America
DiedMay 11, 1896(1896-05-11) (aged 40)
Nutley, New Jersey, U.S.
  • Poet
  • novelist
  • journalist
Notable worksZenobia's Infidelity
The Tower of Babel
SpouseAlice Learned

Henry Cuyler Bunner (August 3, 1855 – May 11, 1896) was an American novelist, journalist and poet.[1] He is known mainly for Tower of Babel.

Bunner's works have been praised by librarians for its "technical dexterity, playfulness and smoothness of finish".


Henry Cuyler Bunner was born at August 3,1855 in Oswego, New York to Rudolph Bunner Jr. (1813–1875) and Ruth Keating Tuckerman (1821–1896) and was educated in New York City. His paternal grandparents were Rudolph Bunner (1779–1837) and Elizabeth Church (1783–1867), the daughter of John Barker Church (1748–1818) and Angelica Schuyler (1756–1814). Among his works "Airs from Arcady and Elsewhere,"[2] published in 1884 and including one of his best known poems, "The Way to Arcady"; "Rowen" (1892), and "Poems" (1896), edited by his friend Brander Matthews and displaying a light play of imagination and a delicate workmanship.[3] He also wrote clever vers de société and parodies. One of his several plays (usually written in collaboration) was The Tower of Babel (1883).

His short story Zenobia's Infidelity was made into a feature film called Zenobia starring Harry Langdon and Oliver Hardy by the Hal Roach Studio in 1939.

Personal life[edit]

Bunner married Alice Learned (1863–1952), daughter of Joshua Coit Learned (1819–1892), and granddaughter of Joshua Coit (1758–1798), U.S. Representative from Connecticut. Together, they had:

  • Rudolph Bunner (1887–1888), who died young
  • Ruth Tuckerman Bunner (1890–1946), who married Harold Edwin Dimock (1884–1967) in 1917,[4] brother of Edith Dimock (1876–1955), the artist.
  • Philip Schuyler Bunner (1892–1892), who died young
  • Laurence H. Bunner (1894–1974)

Bunner died on May 11, 1896, in Nutley, New Jersey.


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