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Henry Daniel (fl. 1379) was a Dominican friar skilled in the medical and natural science of his time.[citation needed][1]

Various manuscripts by him, both in English and Latin, are preserved in the Bodleian Library, of which the chief are De judiciis urinarum, and Aaron Danielis, the latter treating "de re herbaria, de arboribus, fruticibus, gemmis, mineris, animalibus, &c.," from a pharmacological point of view.

His Aaron Danielis existed in a manuscript in the collection of Dr Cox Macro[2] and is also mentioned by Richard Pulteney, in his Historical and Biographical sketches of the progress of botany in England, from its origin to the introduction of the Linnaean system, London printed for T. Cadell, in the strand. 1790.[3] After seven years' study of medicine in his youth, in middle life Henry Daniel kept a garden in Stepney with 252 different kinds of plants, an unusually large variety of plants for his era.[4]



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