Henry Dieckhoff

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Father Henry Cyril Dieckhoff
Born 1869
Died 1950
Fort Augustus
Nationality Russian
Fields linguistics, Celtic studies
Known for work in Scottish Gaelic lexicography

Father Henry Cyril Dieckhoff (Russian: Генрих Кирилл Дикхофф) (1869-1950) was a Russian Catholic priest and linguist.[1] He was born in Moscow, the son of a Lutheran preacher, but spent much of his youth in Germany, as his mother was Catholic and unable to continue living in Russia.[2] He studied in Berlin and was given Holy Orders without permission from the Russian authorities and therefore first fled to England and then Scotland, where he was welcomed as a brother at the Fort Augustus Abbey in 1891.[2] He gained priesthood six years laters in 1897.[2]

Fort Augustus Abbey

He learnt Scottish Gaelic and did detailed research into the dialect of Glengarry and published a dictionary on the dialects, A Pronouncing Dictionary of Scottish Gaelic.[3] His dictionary was unusual for the time as it included detailed pronunciation information not only on the citation forms but also inflected forms of the entries.


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