Henry Dillon, 11th Viscount Dillon

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Henry Dillon, 11th Viscount Dillon of Costello-Gallen (1705 – 1787) was an Irish peer.


Henry's father was the Hon. Arthur Dillon (1670–1733), a son of the 7th Viscount, who was Colonel and founder of the Dillon Regiment in 1688. In 1711, Arthur was created Count Dillon in France, and Earl of Dillon in 1721, by the "Old Pretender" James Francis Edward Stuart (recognized by Jacobites as "King James III and VIII"). Henry's mother was Catherine, or perhaps Christina, a daughter of Ralph Sheldon, who served as a maid of honor to Queen Mary of Modena, consort to James II.

Dillon served in the French army, as a colonel in Dillon's Regiment.[1] From 1767 he adopted Anglicanism, to regularise his position in England.


On 26 October 1744 Dillon married Lady Charlotte Lee, eldest surviving child of George Lee, 2nd Earl of Lichfield.[1] She was the great-granddaughter of Charles II and Barbara Villiers. Charlotte Lee inherited the estate of her uncle, the fourth Earl, when he died childless in 1776. Therefore, Lord Dillon's wife was collateral heiress of Sir Henry Lee, who built the original Lodge in Wychwood Forest in Oxfordshire. From his mother, Charles Dillon-Lee, their son, inherited the estate of Ditchley but not the title of Lichfield. Ditchley remained the home of the Viscounts Dillon until 1934.


His children by the Lady Charlotte Lee of Lichfield (died 11 June 1794) include:

  • Charles (6 November 1745 – 9 November 1813); his successor.
  • Frances (1747 - 1 March 1825), m. Sir William Jerningham, 6th Baronet, 7th Baron Stafford
  • Arthur (3 September 1750 – 13 April 1794); a general in the French service who was guillotined. This officer was father, by his second wife, of Madame Bertrand (who married General Bertrand), so celebrated for her devotion to the Emperor Napoleon.
  • Laura (born c. 1753)
  • Charlotte (11 September 1755 – 15 August 1782); m. Valentine Browne, 1st Earl of Kenmare (1754–1812)
  • Theobald (born c. 1757), Count
  • Henry (28 June 1759 – 7 July 1837); lieutenant-colonel.



Henry Dillon, 11th Viscount Dillon's ancestors in three generations
Henry Dillon, 11th Viscount Dillon Father:
Gen. Arthur Dillon
Paternal Grandfather:
Theobald Dillon, 7th Viscount Dillon
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Sir Lucas Dillon of Lough-Glyn
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Rose Dillon of Streamstown
Paternal Grandmother:
Mary Talbot of Templeogue, Ireland
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Sir Henry Talbot
of Templeogue and Mount Talbot
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Catherine (or Christina) Sheldon
Maternal Grandfather:
Gen. Ralph Sheldon (died 1723)
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Edward Sheldon (1599–1687) of Beoley
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Mary (or Margaret) Wake of Antwerp
Maternal Grandmother:
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Peerage of Ireland
Preceded by
Charles Dillon
Viscount Dillon
Succeeded by
Charles Dillon