Henry Eduard Legler

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Henry Eduard Legler
Sarah Byrd Askew and Henry E Legler.jpg
Henry Legler with Sarah Byrd Eskew
Born June 22, 1861
Palermo, Sicily, Italy
Died September 13, 1917 (1917-09-14) (aged 56)
Chicago, Illinois
Occupation Librarian
Known for President of the American Library Association

Henry Eduard Legler (June 22, 1861 – September 13, 1917) was an Italian American journalist, politician, and librarian. Born in Palermo, Sicily, Italy, Legler emigrated with his parents to the United States in 1869 and then settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1872. While in Wisconsin, Legler was a journalist. In 1889, Legler served in the Wisconsin State Assembly and was a Republican. From 1890 to 1894, Legler served as secretary of the Milwaukee School Board.

From 1904 to 1909, Legler served as secretary of the Wisconsin Library Commission. Then, from 1909 until his death in 1917, Leger served as librarian of the Chicago Public Library. Legler also served as president of the American Library Association in 1912 and 1913. Legler also served as curator of the Wisconsin Historical Society and had written several books and articles about history. Legler died in Chicago, Illinois.[1][2][3]



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