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Henry Fanshawe Tozer in 1883

Henry Fanshawe Tozer (1829–1916) was an English writer, teacher, traveler, and geographer. His 1897 History of Ancient Geography was well-regarded.[1]


After graduating from Exeter College, Oxford, in 1850, he was tutor there from 1855 to 1893 and was also curator of the Taylor Institution (Oxford) from 1869 to 1893.[2] His brother-in-law was Ernest Mason Satow. Fanshawe had a particular interest "in the intersection of geography and the classics".[1] He traveled much in Greece and in European and Asiatic Turkey.


  • Researches in the Highlands of Turkey (two volumes, 1869)
  • Lectures on the Geography of Greece (1873)
  • Primer of Classical Geography (1877)
  • Turkish Armenia and Eastern Asia Minor (1881)
  • The Church and the Eastern Empire (1888)
  • The Islands of the Ægean (1890)
  • Selections from Strabo (1893)[3]
  • History of Ancient Geography (1897)
  • An English Commentary on Dante's Divina Commedia (1901)
  • Translation of the Divina Commedia (1904)


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