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Henry George Forder
BornSeptember 27 1889
DiedSeptember 21, 1981(1981-09-21) (aged 91)
ResidenceNew Zealand

Henry George Forder (27 September 1889 – 21 September 1981) was a New Zealand mathematician.

Academic career[edit]

Born in Shotesham All Saints, near Norwich, he won a scholarships first to a Grammar school and then to University of Cambridge. After teaching mathematics at a number of schools, he was appointed to the chair of mathematics at Auckland University College in New Zealand in 1933. He was very critical of the state of the New Zealand curriculum and set about writing a series of well received textbooks. He was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand in 1947 and received an honorary DSc from the University of Auckland in 1959.[1]

Forder lectureship[edit]

The Forder Lectureship was established jointly by the London Mathematical Society and the New Zealand Mathematical Society in his honour in 1986.[2]

Selected works[edit]

  • The Foundations of Euclidean Geometry (1927)[3]
  • A School Geometry (1930)
  • Higher Course Geometry (1931)
  • The Calculus of Extension (1941)[4]
  • Geometry (1950)
  • Coordinates in Geometry (1953)


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