Henry Frederick, Hereditary Prince of the Palatinate

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Prince Henry Frederick
Electoral Prince of the Palatinate
Frederick Henry of the Palatine.jpg
Born 1 January 1614
Died 7 January 1629(1629-01-07) (aged 15)
Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands
House House of Palatinate-Simmern
Father Frederick V, Elector Palatine
Mother Elizabeth of Bohemia

Henry Frederick, Electoral Prince of the Palatinate, (German: Heinrich Friedrich; 1 January 1614 – 7 January 1629 in the Netherlands) was the eldest son of Frederick V, the Winter King, and his wife, Elizabeth Stuart, daughter of King James I of England.

Henry Frederick drowned at the age of 15. He was on his way to Amsterdam to see the captured Spanish treasure fleet there and drowned crossing the Haarlemmermeer.